I travel a lot and arrive at hotels too late to run out for bottled water. I hate the chlorine in the water, and hotel bottled water is so expensive, $3.50-$.4.50 each. I brought this bottle with me and filled it up with tap water and had no problem with chlorine taste.

– QVC customer

I have been looking for filtered water bottles for a long time and haven’t
been able to find anything like this! These work really well and are light weight, and also don’t take all your muscles to squeeze the water out. I have been buying bottled water exclusively for years now because I hate the taste of tap water, but with this bottle I have no trouble drinking the tap. Looking forward to not having to be constantly buying bottled water and having to do the recycling.

– QVC customer

To whom it may concern… As funny as it sounds your product is very dear to
my heart. I was in the hospital for a year battling cancer and I always had one of your water bottles (with hospital logo) by my side to keep me hydrated. When I finally got out they gave me a bag full of them. It’s been 4 years now and I’m still cancer free, The ARE THE ONLY GOOD MEMORIES I HAVE OF BEING IN THE HOSPITAL!

– Dave

I love your product. I mountain bike and it is the only water bottle that you don’t get a mouthful of mud and dirt on the first swig!

– Mike

I have used your bottle since going through cancer treatment in 1994 when radiation zapped my saliva glands. I tried many other bottles, but it was yours that has met the challenge! In 2000 I joined the Navy as a Chaplain and have served around the world, most noticeably in the Middle East. I have been where it was 125 degrees! The only thing that kept me going was my Power Bottle! My Marines and Sailors may not know my name but they can spot me a mile away with my Red water bottle. Thanks for a great product!

Chaplain Richard/ US Navy

I love Power Bottle USA, I’m a big fan! You guys have won me over big time, I could be a testimonial for you, I tell you! I have bought every water bottle known to man and they all end up in the trash, I always come back to you guys and your water bottles! I have to drink tons of water due to the medication I’m on, so I have your bottles everywhere, in my car, by my bed, in the kitchen. You get the idea. It’s the design of the water bottle that makes it so great. It doesn’t spill, and you can sip the water not gulp it, all the other bottles are so poorly designed that they spill all over you!

– Amy

How did I ever live before Power Bottle USA? These nifty refillable bottles have the most sophisticated lid of the twenty-first century. You can flip the lid with one hand to open the straw and close it with a flick of the wrist. The bottles are designed so that you can easily fill them with ice when I want a really cold drink. I keep a bottle next to my bed at night, so that if I roll over and want a drink of water in the middle of the night I can grab my Power Bottle and take a sip. No more glasses falling over on the nightstand. I’ve tried dozens of different designs of water bottles and none have the utility of Power Bottle USA! I love it that you can drink with the bottle held normally and do not have to tilt it in the air like so many of the other water bottle styles. I’m a fan!

– Patricia / University faculty